7 Lovely Lemon-Fresh Things

When I think "lemons", I think "summer." And summer is just around the corner, so here are seven lemon-inspired finds to brighten your Saturday.

It doesn't get much more summery than lemons on a pretty sundress. This one reminds me of one I had in my early 20s. I love the sunny styling suggestions with it, too!

Lemon dress

Swing dress
100 CAD - ladyvlondon.com

One of my favourite colours for walls is yellow, but I have found it can be very easy to abuse this colour. In my last house, I opted for a buttery yellow living room and a darker yellow bathroom. In this house, I've kept my yellows to bright pops of colour that cheer without overwhelming.

Here is a room that has used lemon to good effect on walls, accents, and as styled props. The neutral tones and textures let the yellow shine but not smother. Birds seem like a natural complement.

And whoda thunk to use yellow sticky notes as a textural wall accent?

This room just makes me happy.

Maybe you would rather have decorative lemons that won't spoil while they are on display. Huggable is good, too. :-)

Check out this free pattern for an adorable lemon plushie by Amigurumifood:

I have only experimented with a few different DIY beauty products, mostly based on essential oils. But I love the ideas in this post for making your own Lemon-based beauty products, including foot scrubs, skin exfoliants, scalp treatments, lip balm, hair brightener, body butter, cuticle cream, and even hair gel!

I started a Pinterest board just from this post, and am dying to try a few of these fresh ideas out!

Have you been wanting to try your hand at soap-making? I have. I love this idea of making soap using lemon essential oil, which of course I will get from Young Living. (I think I might skip the lemon slice garnish, though--this is for showering, not schmoozing.)

But until I find the time to make lemon soap, I might just buy some. The only problem is, it looks a little too snackable. :-)

Here's a dish I never thought of before: Lemon Pizza. There are tons of savoury recipes available through the power of Google, but here's one I've put on my menu for next week. Yum!

What are your favourite ideas with lemons? I would love to hear about them. And which of these ideas do you think you're going to try first?

Happy Saturday!