Photo Friday: Beginnings

I have decided to do a photo challenge this year as part of my restart on my goals and blog and more. My intention is to put up a photo every Friday--a photo with a theme. This month, the theme is "Beginnings."

Since I only decided this on Wednesday, which didn't give me a lot of time to think about, take, and quotify this week's photo, I chose a subject one might not think of for "Beginnings"--a dried sunflower covered in frost from beside my house. I let these sunflowers stand and dry with the seeds in last fall, mostly because they fell by the wayside as did nearly every other aspect of yard care last year. However, when it comes to nature, the circular nature implies that beginnings and endings are intimately connected, as life springs from death, and as the seeds in the sunflower are ready to produce new life in the coming year.

We celebrate the beginning of a new year while death seems to hold sway--yet it is not death that rules. Nature sleeps. When we die, we sleep, too--or our consciousness changes state, depending on what you believe.

We've all heard many quotes about how endings open the door to new beginnings.

So here, for my first post for a new series for the year that talks about beginnings, I wanted to remind myself that everything is a beginning--even death and loss.

Happy Friday, friends.

"Death isn't the end, it's the beginning." - Jennifer Love Hewitt. Photo art by Talena Winters.

Psst--visit this page to download this image as a free desktop wallpaper.