Photo Friday: Hope for Spring

Sunshine peeking at spring.

When planning my photo challenge for the year, back in January, the photo theme I chose for this month is "Hope". I know why I did it--because, I fully expected to need to push myself to find things that remind me to hope. That was probably a good call on my part. (Good thinking, past me!)

However, I confess that, while I wouldn't say my week has been devoid of things that give me hope, I have definitely been running the emotional gamut as we approach Levi's birthday tomorrow.

Finding photos that embody those few hope-filled things has been tricky, because they are more subtle and ethereal than can be captured by pixels--how I have not spent every day this week in the depths of despair, and for a few of them, I even felt somewhat buoyant; how I allowed my children to do some things that frankly, left me terrified and in tears because--while normal childhood activities, well within the range of acceptability for their respective ages and abilities--they required that I accept that there may be some risk involved, but I let them do it anyway; how I had several encouraging interactions with people that reminded me that even while I am feeling weak and wounded and working out my own grief, I am still able to help others because of the gifts God has given me to share. That last one was pretty awesome.

At first glance, this photo of my dog may not portray "hope". But this was my favourite photo of the week, taken as we were about to go for a walk last Sunday afternoon. Since then, a good deal of our snow has disappeared. (Well, not in the trees, there. That looks pretty much the same.) And spring has always seemed the most hopeful time of the year for me.

Maybe I'll have some more "hope"-ful things to share with you next week.

Happy weekend, friends.

Spring will come and so will happiness. Hold on. Life will get warmer.
— Anita Krizzan