Photo Friday: Love Story

Jason and Talena ten years ago, paper scrapbooking layout (which is usually framed on our wall)

I aggravate you
infuriate you
adulate you
repudiate you
encourage you
exonerate you
accolade you
rejuvenate you

I frustrate you
Entertain you
Elevate you
And detain you
I overbear
And retreat from you
I'm grumpy bear
And sweet to you

I'm far from perfect, though I try
But promise love until I die
"My heart you will always command"
I vowed that day you claimed my hand
Through highest highs and lowest lows
We've been together in the throes
Sixteen years gone in a blink
May thirty-two be like a wink
'Cause when you've found your one true love
Each day's a gift from God above.

Thank you, lover, partner, friend
For being with me to the end
My life with you has been so blessed
Today's our first day of the rest
Here's hoping that there's still the best
to come.

Jason and Talena, April 2015