Nature Abhors Vacuuming, So She Gardens

My garden is going in very late.

Which is weird, because we had a week of 30 degree weather in April. But I wasn't ready to put the garden in in April. I wasn't finished my taxes yet.

... and I'm still not. But if I wait any longer on the garden, we won't get any food from it this year. The government is going to have to wait a little longer, I guess.

I felt somewhat justified in the delay when it snowed 15 inches on the May Long weekend. But now?

Well, now, every day that passes, the green in my thumb (such as was there to begin with) starts looking a little sicklier.

I managed to get most of the veggies in this past weekend. It's the war with the quack grass that is slowing the whole process down. Since last year was basically a complete write-off as far as garden maintenance is concerned, the quack grass wasted no opportunity to move in. Nature abhors a vacuum.

As the standing clumps testify, the war on quack grass in my garden is far from won.

So all that bare dirt got infiltrated with a thick mat of interwoven grass roots.

Quack grass roots in my carrot bed. We  hates  it, precious!

Quack grass roots in my carrot bed. We hates it, precious!

Who needs a gym? Five hours digging and pulling and ripping out quack grass roots on Sunday afternoon and I've barely been able to walk for the last 36 hours.

So... most of the vegetables are in. I'm wondering if I can finish with the last of the quack grass roots and get the carrots sown in that bed before the rain comes this afternoon...

Not if I don't get out there and do it, I guess! Sayonara!

Blueberry bushes I have yet to put in the ground--but that hasn't stopped them from producing!

I bought this fancy Shasta daisy on June 3 when I went to the greenhouse instead of staying home to mope. I love it!

Remember these guys? They're doing much better now, thank you.

I added some purple and white ones to keep the yellow ones company. Pansies and daisies--pretty much my favourite flowers in the world.

The freakishly large rhubarb continues to thrive...

"Are you looking at me?"

"Sssh! She's back, Henrietta! Don't make any sudden movements!"

This morning, this li'l guy (which I think is a Chipping Sparrow) was trying to spy on me without being spied. That's what a telephoto lens is for though. Mwahaha.

"She'll never see me here! I'm camouflaged perfectly! Wait..."