Giveaways and Signings and Podcasts, Oh My!

Whooee! It’s been a busy few weeks for me. Like, don’t-have-time-to-blog busy, and that’s something I almost always make time for. The last few days, it’s been don’t-have-time-to-read busy, and that’s a whole ‘nother level, let me tell you.

So, there were a couple of things I missed getting up here in the relevant time window, but there are some other time-crunchy things I didn’t want to miss telling you about. So here I am, sitting in a hotel room after my first long day of a five-day weekend away from home doing multiple signing events in Edmonton and Calgary, typing this so you don’t miss any of they good stuff.

(Psst… make sure to read to the end. There is free stuff. Spoiler alert: It’s books. There are free books. You don’t want to miss it.)

Live, In-Person Author Events

Signing I recently did at Coles Prairie Mall, Grande Prairie.

Signing I recently did at Coles Prairie Mall, Grande Prairie.

First of all, as mentioned, I’m doing my last multi-signing book tour weekend for this particular book launch this weekend. I was at Indigo in West Edmonton Mall tonight (after which I had the good luck to be able to meet up with some other local editors for a social event—how lucky they were holding it in West Ed late enough that I could go!). Tomorrow, I’ll be at Indigo South Edmonton Common. Saturday and Sunday I’ll be in Calgary, at Indigo Shepard Centre and Chapters Crowfoot.

Check my Events page for times and addresses (and to add the event to your Google Calendar).

Just Joshing Podcast

While I was in Calgary a little over a month ago on the first book tour weekend for The Undine’s Tear launch, I was privileged to have a conversation with Joshua Pantalleresco, writer and podcaster extraordinaire.

And since, you know, he has a podcast and stuff, he recorded that conversation and posted it over two episodes on his podcast last week.

Considering we’d just met, we cover some pretty deep stuff in there, like loss, faith, and the secret to happiness. We also talk about my journey from wanna-be professional songwriter to multi-published author. Plus how awesome my mom is. :-)


I was so impressed by Josh and his podcast that I decided to sponsor it for a month, which includes giving away free books. He’s giving away a free paperback copy of The Undine’s Tear every week in June, and there are still two more up for grabs.

So head over there and enter the draw on the latest post, and while you’re there, check out his podcast. Subscribe. And listen to our interview, too.

Seriously, Josh is one cool dude and he talks to a lot of amazing people. It’s a podcast worth listening to.

But wait! There’s more!

Free Urban and Epic Fantasy Book Giveaway

Read below for details, or just click/tap the image to see the books.

Read below for details, or just click/tap the image to see the books.

Earlier this year, I signed up for BookFunnel, which has been a pretty great service for giving out my free ebooks to newsletter subscribers. Since I’ve got it, I am now also selling my books as eBooks directly from this website because, hey, why should I give distribution partners 45% of my profit on every book? Once in a blue moon, it’d be nice to keep that.

Also, BookFunnel is a great platform for joining up with other authors in similar genres to offer bundle promotions. Last week, I did my first one with The Friday Night Date Dress for Sweet/Clean Romance (sorry I didn’t post that here!), and this week, I’m doing my first one for Fantasy.

The reason it took so long for me to jump on the “promo bundle” bandwagon is because I’m picky. Until now, I’ve rarely recommended a book to my audience that I hadn’t read myself. And I wanted to make sure I maintained that trust in the type of promotion I joined.

I chose the Summer Solstice Fantasy Bookfest promotion for two reasons:

First, I have a passing knowledge of the organizer, Derek Murphy, and his high standards when it comes to his own work, as well as his business model and passion for helping other authors succeed. (The “a rising tide raises all boats” philosophy.)

Second, Derek vetted the titles joining the promotion to make sure they were of decent quality, so hopefully that means you won’t have to take a chance on a title written by someone who couldn’t pass a high school English exam.

He actually had some minimum platform requirements that I didn’t meet, so I emailed him and feel privileged that he ended up including The Waterboy as part of the promotion.

That being said, I have not personally investigated any of the titles in the promo, so please do your own homework.

Here’s what’s up for grabs:

  • 102 book downloads in the urban fantasy or epic fantasy genres

  • A $100 Amazon Gift Card (thanks, Derek!). You gotta dive deep on the page to find this giveaway, so keep hunting until you get there!

The only “catch” is that you’ll have to sign up for the newsletter lists for the books’ authors in order to get the books. You can unsubscribe any time, of course, but if you like the book enough to check it out, then you might like what the author has to say, too.

Here’s the thing: 102 books is a lot, and may be too many titles for any but the most voracious reader to pile on at once.

(Can you say intimidating?)

But this is a great opportunity to stock up on a couple handfuls of amazing fantasy reads. Choose 10-20 (whatever number wouldn’t overwhelm you on both your e-reader and for emails in your inbox) that stand out to you. You might find your next 10-20 favourite authors. :-)

The covers alone are worth ogling the giveaway page for a good ten minutes. So much pretty eye candy!

(I’d like to mention for the uninformed that my contribution, The Waterboy, is already perma-free for my newsletter subscribers. So you can join my super-awesome monthly newsletter and get that any time. But the other books on this promo are only available for free from now until June 30. Well, if you’re reading this past the deadline, go to this post, because some of them will be available for free for longer. These are the ones that are perma-free like mine. How do you tell? Sorry, I don’t know. Just click and try them, I guess?)

Check out the books here:

And if you know some friends who would love to get in on this deal, please share this link with them:

Or send them to this blog post so they know what the deal is first.

That’s all for now, folks. It’s late, I’m exhausted, and I’ve got a long weekend ahead of me. And hopefully, you now have a few more things to do this weekend, too! (Hint: Come see me. Or listen to Josh talk to some really cool people. Or read 100 books. :-D)

Next week, I hope to post about a recent adventure I had that involved some pretty amazing views (yes, there will be photos) as well as getting muddy—not something I often do.

See you soon!