Come Fly With Me

Jude has been obsessed with paper airplanes lately.

It all started with a paper airplane book that David has. Jude loves to look through there and get the paper airplanes made. Then he started trying to make them himself. He's getting along pretty good with it now--he's learning how to crease properly, and follow the diagrams fairly accurately.

The other day, he made one and said, "It doesn't look like the picture, but it flies pretty good!"

Yesterday, when we went to library, I picked him up a different paper airplane book.

I think the boy has made about five airplanes since last night--some of them for himself, some for his brothers.

Inevitably, Jabin will pick a really complicated one, so I usually get to make a few, too.

And, when you're a boy, what better way to play with your paper airplanes than throwing them all?

At the same time.

Good thing I have a pretty hefty-sized pile of scrap paper!