Getting Unstuck

Getting Unstuck

A day at a time, the log jam is loosening and the ideas are flowing. The sun is coming back, energy is returning, and I am pulling myself blinking from the retreat of hibernation. For my own mental and emotional health, this year needs to be less about driving myself and more about reducing commitments, taking care of myself, and finding my passion again. It needs to be about healing.

Indecision Strikes

I haven't often had trouble deciding on the name for one of my patterns. It happened once before, and I ran a naming contest that resulted in the Killick Cap getting its moniker--something way cooler than I would have thought of myself.

I know I told you guys (in my newsletter last week) that I would have a new Boot Cuff and Mitten pattern in the store this week. Well... I'm really, really close. I finally got the photos taken on Friday, which was a major hold-up in the process.

All along in the design process, I have been calling this the "Gilmore Girls" set, as this show has figured heavily into the knitting time on these babies, and it seemed appropriate for the pattern. I named the lighter-weight version "Rory" and the heavier-weight one "Lorelai", after Rory's vivacious mother .

And I even found the perfect Lorelai Gilmore quote to open the description:

Everything’s magical when it snows, everything looks pretty. The clothes are great. Coats, scarves, gloves, hats.
— Lorelai Gilmore ("Gilmore Girls")

Indecision has featured heavily in the design process, which has meant more options included in the pattern. Yay! Can't decide which way I like the cables? Knit ALL the ways! Can't decide if I like it better with one strand of yarn or two? Knit ALL the ways! Can't decide just how long I want those fingerless mittens to be? Knit ALL the w... well, you get it.

And then, just last week as I was taking the promo photos, I got the REAL name of the pattern. The perfect name.

It is surprising how warm these boot cuffs are--I am practically living in them in my office (now that I am finally allowed to wear them without fear of messing them up!)

Just a few more days of work on the Winters Distributing store, and then I can finish revising this pattern and it will be done! Whoo-eee!!!

Stay warm, friends!