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Want a Friday Night Date with a sweet new book?

Want a Friday Night Date with a sweet new book?

One cold winter's night in 2013, I was sewing myself a summer dress (because that is completely logical, right?), and for the first time ever, I used the couture technique of setting my zipper in by hand.

And as I sat and hand-stitched my zipper, I wondered what might inspire someone to self-teach themselves to be a top-level designer.

How long would that take? And why would they do it?

Thus, the spark of an idea for The Friday Night Date Dress was born.

It's Coming...

It's Coming...

I am getting so excited about my upcoming book! Last week, my editor (Lora) contacted me with a super deal to help get my book formatted for print and eBook. I would have been an idiot to turn her down. So starting this weekend, my book will be getting formatted--and I can still work on my taxes! (Not sure if I'm excited about that last part, or not.)

Here is a teaser excerpt from the first chapter to whet your appetite:

New book cover!

I am so excited! I got the cover art for "The Friday Night Date Dress" back last Thursday. Thank you to the amazing Fiona at Fiona Jayde Media for taking my few ideas and making them look amazing.

The book is with my editor right now. It's her first reading, so I am praying that any required revisions will not be a complete overhaul, and maybe I can get it published in time for Christmas.

Since the story itself wraps up in mid-December, that would be good timing, don't you agree?

What do you think of the cover?


A rough sketch of one of the designs featured in my new book, "The Friday Night Date Dress"

I have been revising my first novel, "The Friday Night Date Dress", over the last week.

So, naturally, I decided that it was a good time to revise my web presence by taking all my varied interests and centralizing them into a new website (because I almost don't have enough to do with my time ;-D). Trying to maintain all my various creative websites and blogs has been driving me a little batty... When I am finished, my personal blog here at Winters' Day In [on Blogger] will be combined with my music and crafting stuff, as well as my author's site, under the URL, which currently only  hosts my music [on Bandzoogle]. (Also known as "the make-work project that will save my sanity.") I am SO excited.

Of course, this is on top of the website that my eCommerce platform is forcing me to create because they are closing down their service. (The one I operate at The deadline on that is February 1st, and since it only took me three months of 3-a.m. benders to make the first one FROM SCRATCH, I figger I have plenty of time to make a second one now that I don't have to rebrand and recreate all my images, etc. Right? Right?

What fun is making just one website when you can make two? (Tongue planted firmly in cheek, in case you didn't notice.)

So, my fall projects? (Besides co-planning an awesome Comedy Night fundraiser for the orphanage?) Build two websites. Get my first novel published. And figure out how to store the copious amounts of potatoes I planted so they will last the winter.

What are you up to in September, friends?