Riding the Rails: How to Avoid an Emotional Train Wreck

Riding the Rails: How to Avoid an Emotional Train Wreck

Are you trapped in the tarry black hole of dwelling on loss? Are you jumping trains trying to hide from it? Or are you figuring out how to keep moving forward with loss as your travelling companion? How to avoid a train wreck on your road to healing, and your dreams.

Things I Would Rather Be Doing

I am entering into the final phases of my first self-publishing venture.

Which means that today, I am reading user agreements. Other than a 1-hour webinar and occasional breaks for eating and playing with Levi, this is what I have been doing all. freaking. day. Oh, besides when I ran around on the deck, checked my email every 30 seconds, signed up for a new social network, made some notes about some immediate changes I want to make to improve my customer care, texted my friend about something we're planning together, and wandered aimlessly around the house, I mean.

My right brain is screaming for escape. As the day wears on, I have been looking for more and more excuses to NOT read another freaking boring page of legalese. So, a few minutes ago, it threw up a sign in front of my eyes: "Blog About Stuff You Would Rather Be Doing Than Reading This".

So, since my self-control has weakened considerably since the sun started shining in the window, here it is. :-)

Stuff I Would Rather Be Doing than Reading Legally Binding Contracts

  1. Eat Brussels sprouts.
  2. Do laundry.
  3. Iron clothes..
  4. Watch SpongeBob Squarepants. (No, not because I like it.)
  5. Clean toilets.
  6. Change a poopy diaper.
  7. Read a Nicholas Sparks novel. (No, not because I like it.)
  8. Talk to a telemarketer.
  9. Watch Avengers for the 20th time. (No, not because I am that in love with it. I liked it the first 3 times my kids chose it for Family movie night. Now? ... )
  10. Stab a plastic spork into my thigh.

Happy Wednesday, friends! What is your favourite way to procrastinate?