The Undine's Tear

Rise of the Grigori, Book 1

Genre: Young Adult Science Fantasy

Ever since Calandra can remember, she has been running from the Madness…

Calandra is the most powerful undine healer in three thousand years—her people's last hope for salvation. In order to save them from the humans they fear, she must choose between enslaving the man she loves or trusting a cryptic, seditious message left behind by the mother who abandoned her as a baby. But if she can't find the brother she's never met, she doesn't have a hope in Tartarus—and all the powerful healers go mad eventually. Can she save everyone before she goes crazy and kills them all?

The Waterboy

A Rise of the Grigori Story

Genre: Young Adult Science Fantasy Adventure

How do you hide from yourself?

Zale Teague thought he was an ordinary human boy—until he called lightning from the skies with disastrous results. Now he’s on the run to protect those he loves from disaster. But can he ever outrun the demon within?

The Waterboy is a prequel novella in the thrilling young adult science fantasy Rise of the Grigori series.

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Finding Heaven

Genre: Gritty Women's Fiction/Romantic Suspense

To find heaven, sometimes you have to go through hell…

Sarah Daniels feels trapped in a living hell, but thinks she deserves her life—until a new friend invites her to choose a different future. But is it too late for Sarah to find heaven?

The Friday Night Date Dress

Genre: Inspirational Romance (novella)

She sews runway masterpieces … but who will mend her damaged heart?

After suffering tragic loss, Melinda pours her grief into creating couture masterpieces she wears only once. Can Peter, an aspiring fashion photographer, break through her protective shell and bring her back to life?

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