Press Release for Finding Heaven: A Novel

January 13, 2018

On November 14, 2017, Peace River, Alberta author Talena Winters released her second novel, Finding Heaven, a story about a woman healing from an abusive past. The book successfully walks the fine line between gritty and delicate, dark and hopeful, as it exposes the realities of the trauma abuse victims must overcome, while optimistically pointing out the way to healing.

Sarah Daniels, the main character, seems to have it a fairy-tale existence. But look behind the curtain and we very quickly see that Sarah’s life is falling apart—her husband abuses her, her mother manipulates her, and her brother bullies her.

Sarah’s story, while sad, is believable because she is so normal in a completely dysfunctional way. Fortunately, Sarah is offered a way out. A career humanitarian named Steve McGuire—whose life work is helping sex trafficking victims and their children in Mumbai, India—offers her a chance to change her life for the better, and is her greatest supporter in helping her do so.

Winters wrote the book as she grieved the sudden, tragic loss of her youngest son. She believes that writing about Sarah’s journey was a key part of her own healing process.

“My hope is that people who read this book will see that recovering from a difficult past is possible, and also have more compassion for those who have come from backgrounds like Sarah’s,” said Winters.

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