All The Pretty Flowers

The weekend before last, our dear friends Mark and Colleen came down for an unexpected, but much-enjoyed visit from Yellowknife. Colleen and I took a walk in the woods, and espied some very pretty things.


Indian Paintbrush showing signs of the drought.

A Police Car Moth comes in for a landing on some Fireweed.

Indian Paintbrush, one of my favourite wildflowers, growing with some clover.

Fireweed in the woods.

Police Car Moths are deceiving because they fly in the daytime. This one was enjoying some Goldenrod nectar. See his little orange "lights"?

Um. I don't know what kind of berries these are. I looked and looked, and couldn't figure it out. But they are pretty! (I'm pretty sure the flowers are white, but that's as far as my memory would line up when I was searching the field guide.)

I really overexposed this shot, but had to use it anyway--I mean, three moths on the same flower? So pretty.

For at least half a mile, this little guy hitched a ride on Colleen:

Making friends.

Another one found my shoe.

It's a shoe buddy! You can really see the "lights" on this one!

I think they might be attracted to blue!

Where have you found beauty lately, friends?