7 Fabulous Feel-Good Indie Artists (+1)

Twitter is a wonderful place. I have met some of the nicest and most talented people there. Lately, since I have been looking for a song that would fit Levi's memorial slideshow that can actually be licensed (since the mega-publishing companies that own the 2 songs I used at the funeral seem impossible to get a hold of) I have also been listening to a lot of talented indie artists on Audiosocket and Rumblefish.

The upside? I now have some "new favourite musicians." Here are seven amazing artists you may have never heard of:

Lydia Laird and Roger Jaeger

I discovered these two at the same time through this duet video they made:

I immediately downloaded Lydia's "665" EP and Roger's "Beacon" EP and have had them both solidly on my playlist ever since. Check out "Blindness" by Lydia (from "665") and "Beacon" by Roger (from "Beacon".) I also love the song "Dragons" from Roger's album. (Lydia told me that the song in the video, "How Will I Know", will be available for download soon.)

Bickenhall and Steve Collom

Another two great indie artists that did a beautiful collaboration, "Three More Words".

Steve Collom's original music is really upbeat and fun, and reminds me a bit of Jason Mraz. Here's another one of my favourites:

Yellow Pioneers

I ran across this collab with Steve Collom, and fell in love with the folk-rock sound of this group. Here is the title track from their EP "Your Love Has Got Me."

Midnight Lights

Last but definitely not least are my friends, Katie and Jason Leussink, whose up-and-coming band "Midnight Lights" just released their first music video and nationally-released single. Their debut album "Keep It Simple" is in almost every playlist I make. While their sound started out as pretty eclectic and experimental, they are leaning more towards pop country these days, and are currently fan funding their next album.

Bonus: Boom Chucka Boys

I couldn't finish this post without mentioning these guys. Not only did their bass player (Ted) show the enormous good taste of marrying my friend and cousin Cherilyn, these guys just got nominated as the 2015 Group of the Year at the Canadian Country Music Awards. Their sound is just plain fun.

And yes, they may not qualify as "Indie" anymore, but I knew them when, and really want to see their career continue to "boom" ... so I just wanted to share! :-)

What are your favourite feel-good indie artists? C'mon, friends share. :-)