Photo Friday: Memories of India

In smoggy Mumbai, the day after the currency crisis hit--November 9, 2016.

From October 30 to November 15, Jason and were on a trip all over India. Literally.

We started in the centre south, in Bangalore (Bengaluru), went north to the east coast, then all the way to Mumbai (Bombay) on the west coast, then finished up in New Delhi in the far north.

(And for anyone who might be wondering how we fared after my last rather distraught post, we made it home safe and sound on Wednesday night. Thank you for your thoughts and concerns.)

Point 8 is Agra, where we finally saw the Taj Mahal.

Point 8 is Agra, where we finally saw the Taj Mahal.

I had plans for my first two "Memories"-themed Photo Fridays this month--a photo of my oldest son as a little guy on the 4th, since it was the day after his birthday, and of one of my heroes on the 11th, since it was Remembrance Day--but those plans never materialized.

Nevertheless, I will pick up here with a memory of the first time Jason and I were in India eighteen years ago--before we were a couple, but where we became friends, which was the seed for the love story that endures today.

We also saw several other friends while we were there. After eighteen years of longing to see them, it was so wonderful to visit again--those few we could scrounge on short notice, since we went so last-minute. The visits themselves were much too short, also. But better than none at all.

One of the highlights was meeting my online friend Rohini for the first time.

Cool things about the Internet--I finally got to meet my long-time online friend Rohini, whom I have known since 2006 because of her blog Mama Says So.

Of course, there was much more experienced and done and friends met (old and new.) Also, some knitting. But that will have to wait for another post.

Happy Friday, friends!