Photo Friday: The Wonder of Everything

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When one travels, it is easy to look in wonder at the big buildings, the different customs, the strange food, and wonder, "What is that for? Who made that? Why do they do it that way?"

We see everything with fresh eyes, because it is all new and strange to us.

Have you considered that what we stand there gaping at is the mundane for the people that live there? And if they were to visit our land instead, they would gape while we wondered what they were looking at?

The truth is, wonderful things are all around us, no matter where we live.

Outside my window right now is the yard I see everyday, but it is covered in soupy grey fog. The snow is dirty where the animals have marred it. There are the same old farmer-fixed outbuildlings interfering with the view.

But the fog and recent snow have left each tree lined in a thick white crystalline crust. Dried sunflowers stand stark and lovely beside the house. And the rising sun lit the fog on fire for just half an hour, bringing in the glory of the new day.

It was wonderful.

I encourage you to find beauty in the everyday today. Choose to look with fresh eyes. What wonder surrounds you today, friend?

P.S. Please feel free to pin and share these images. They are my gift to you.

This photo of a fisherman's boat  was taken on an afternoon in Mumbai. Smog lay thick on everything, but still there were people at the beach. It was a bank holiday, and the day after the government had cancelled the currency. I think these folks, like us, may have been wondering--and waiting--to see what would happen next. The fisherman? He was probably sleeping.