Working Towards a Dream

Well, folks, how are those New Year's Resolutions looking these days? Did they last past January? Did they go to the beach for your summer vacay and not come back? Or are you still working towards them on a consistent basis?

Back in January, I made a goal to be writing full-time by October. Since then, I have revised my goal slightly, as I also intend to teach piano this winter. But as far as working towards my writing goal, yes, there have been setbacks. No, I haven't made as much progress as I hoped.


I have made progress. And been fairly consistent with the goals and action plan I set myself, barring the inevitable grief waves (and a break to focus on completing my taxes.)

A dream you don’t put effort towards is a wish.

Last month, I did a couple of articles as freelance journalist for local magazine Move Up. And the issue was released yesterday!

I am also putting consistent work in towards completing my next novel, Finding Heaven. No, I'm not writing thousands of words on it per day, but I am writing on it nearly every day. And Slow Progress is Still Progress, right?

Also, I haven't managed to blog 2-3 times every week, like I hoped. But I have managed to blog at least once every week, and have only missed my Photo Friday post three times. Since it is consistency and discipline I was working towards, knowing that this is what brings results, I feel like I have still made progress.

Lastly, I have expanded my horizons considerably when it comes to marketing, especially in terms of social media marketing. As much as I might wish for the life of an old-fashioned author that only had to write books and do signings, that is not the world of writing I live in. Frankly, I am thankful for the new dynamics of the playing field, because it now means that anyone who is willing to put in consistent, appropriate effort can succeed. I just have to continue to learn how to do that.

When you have a dream, you need to do something about it. A dream you don't put effort towards is a wish. A dream that you do work towards on a consistent basis? That can redefine your reality.

So, since I"m checking in, here's the checklist:

  1. Goals defined? Check.
  2. Daily, weekly, and monthly actions planned? Check.
  3. Consistent effort made toward each of these action plans? Check.

Next month, I am going to my first writer's conference. I am SO. EXCITED! I'm looking forward to soaking up information like a sponge, meeting amazing people from the publishing industry throughout Canada and the US, and having my creativity stoked.

I also have a tentative goal of having the first draft of "Finding Heaven" finished before I go. (I say "tentative" because I haven't sat down and figured out how many words a day I would have to write to achieve this and whether that is even feasible for me.)

Anyone who is willing to put in consistent, appropriate effort can succeed

How about you? Have you worked towards your dream today?