7 Moments: What's Been Keeping Me Busy

I know it has been way too long since I posted. When was the last time I went over a month without a post? It's been a long while. But the cool thing is that the reason I haven't posted isn't because I had nothing to talk about. In fact, it was the opposite--my life has been so full that I simply haven't had the extra time in my day.

I've barely even had time to post to social media. And though I'm catching up, I'm still a little short on time (what with Finding Heaven launching on Tuesday, for one).

So, rather than taking a bunch of your time and mine talking about it, I'm just going to give you a quick photo essay of what's been up with me.


Combination Thanksgiving celebration/Grandma's 89th birthday celebration, which also included Mom and Mike. We're still working on getting Grandma to remember that she's now 89. :-)

The ground had already started to freeze by the time I dug up my carrots, but I still got most of them up. They reached a decent size, considering how neglected they were in terms of thinning and watering. (These are sweet Nantes variety, so not a huge carrot.)

A stunning display of Northern Lights on an only mildly-chilly evening with a camera handy and some time to experiment resulted in this photo. It was pretty fun.

New pattern inspired by Jabin, who loses mittens faster than you can say Dr. Seuss. Last year, he had to rely on Magic Mitties. This year, feeling inspired to make something, I thought I'd give him another chance to show me how responsible he's become. Hope it works. (After trying these one at this point, he also decided he'd rather have gloves than glittens. So, the transformation is underway.)

In between all the writing, teaching, practicing, performing, knitting, and marketing, I am occasionally able to sneak in some fiction reading. Looking forward to finishing this new book from Jane Ann McLachlan in the next few days. Also, like the mug my mother-in-law got me? (I do. I LUURRRRV it!)

And a bonus: my family in their Halloween costumes. :-)