Not so long ago, I came across this really cool project on DadCanDo for Dragon Glare Reducing Goggles.

My boys have no need for Dragon Glare Reducing Goggles (most of the time), but I thought that the craft would be equally authentic as Snow Glare Reducing Goggles to go with our unit about Mountain Climbing and Sir Edmund Hillary.

I got some pop bottles from Amanda (she didn't even charge me the deposit! What a friend!), gathered the rest of the supplies from my copious stash and overflowing recycle bin, and came up with my own version. (I'm usually too cheap to pay for a pattern I can re-invent on my own. However, for those of you less craftily-inclined, I am not going to steal any further revenue from Mr. Chris Bernardo. He is doing some great work over on that DadCanDo site, and I hitherto recommend that if you want to create your own version, head on over there and buy the instructions for yourself.)

Monkey decorating his headband.
Squirt decorating his headband
Decorating the headbands.
The Boys and their Goggles.

Bottle of gold spray paint? $10. The rest of the supplies? Free. Listening to three boys be "astropilots" for as long as Mom will let them before bed?...

...Well, you know the rest.

Great Website for Kids

My friend Aakanksha (who happens to be having a birthday today! Happy Birthday, Ace!) sent me the link to this website a long, long time ago. It's great. No wonder she sent it to me.

Go check it out.


"Indoor plumbing--it's gonna be big!"

Something has been afoot around here for a while. I have been turning ideas around in my little head, working on designs, yearning to start the creative business I pined after not so long ago. In reality, these ideas have been percolating since around December... but this week, I tipped over the edge of "I dunno" towards "Going for it!"

The thing that unbalanced me was a desire to help Jude in his money-earning endeavours, since he is so keen on getting his hamster. My real passion is designing clothing, which I will talk about more later--but I also need to earn a little extra income first to upgrade some of the equipment I have before really getting serious about that project.

So, for now, here is a little hint about what's been brewing around here:

I would love your opinions (constructive criticism) on both the photos and the product.

Look for the grand opening announcement of my new store soon!

My Latest Challenge

As you all know, I am a big Do-It-Yourselfer. However, there is only so much time one has in any given year to do things yourself, or learn how to do things yourself.

This year is the year of gardening. And woodworking.

Okay, I haven't exactly taken a class. And it's not exactly something from a fine furniture store. (More like IKEA, as Jason told his mother.) But I designed and created this very functional, very sturdy bookshelf, inspired by the need to find something big enough and strong enough to hold my scrapbooks and scrapbooking supplies. (Most bookshelves do not have enough space between shelves for a scrapbook to stand vertically.) Jason cut most of the wood for me. Although I have been getting over my fear of saws (something about a vivid memory of the tip of my uncle's finger being cut off while using a table saw while I was only 8 or 9) and would have done it myself if I had to, it was kind of cool to be able to work together on a project for once.

Look how much it holds! (on left)

This shelf cost a total of $36--only four dollars more than the flimsy, pre-cut-but-you-still-assemble-it-yourself modular version on the right. Plus, I just priced out the cost of making another one if I get the lumber from UFA on Jason's employee discount (the last one was supplied by Home Hardware). That will only run me about $15! I am very excited, because I have a lot more things laying around in boxes for a lack of anywhere to put them. Now I'm wondering if I could create a market for these babies...

You know. 'Cause I have hardly anything else to do with my time.

Classy and Green

Classy and Green

I am teaching two classes this upcoming weekend at our local scrapbooking retreat. One is about Journaling, and one is called "Recycled Embellishments". I have just finished the class project demo layout for the Embellishment class, and am now displaying it for your viewing pleasure.