There will always be things that I’m dealing with. There will always be that sense of ebb and flow through seasons, times where my life seems more peaceful than others. But my happiness doesn’t depend on those circumstances.

A Year is Just a Trip Around the Sun

A Year is Just a Trip Around the Sun

I've been quietly avoiding interacting with all the social media posts bashing 2016, as though a year can be to blame for all the things that are wrong with the world or a person's life. It seemed so ludicrous, and I figured if someone was going to be that negative and blame it on a calendar, my energy would be better spent elsewhere than trying to help them see how ridiculous that is.

Happy Holidays!

The kids are on school break. I'm finishing up an assignment for Move Up Magazine, then will be spending any other writing time on the home stretch of my first draft of Finding Heaven, plus a couple of newsletters I'm overdue on. I'll appear on Facebook and Instagram occasionally, but what I'm trying to say is, I'm taking a short break from blogging until the new year.

Yep, it's time to hibernate.

I hope that you have a Happy Hanukkah, Merry Christmas, and Happy New Year, friends! God bless us, every one. :-)

The Peace River just before freeze-up, captured on a frosty -31 C morning (December 9, 2016.)

New Knitting Tutorials

New Knitting Tutorials

In preparation for the release of my new pattern, Jill and the Bean Socks, I have created two new knitting tutorials for the Left-leaning and Right-leaning Bar Increases. (Plus my very first knitting tutorial videos!)

Inconveniences I Would Rather Have

Inconveniences I Would Rather Have

On Wednesday, I found I was grieving all the things that Levi will not get to do that I wanted him to be able to do. I find that writing songs helps me deal with very stressful and emotional topics, so I wrote "Things I'll Never Do". Here is a quick scratch recording on a video for this song.

All That's Left is to Love

All That's Left is to Love

Wow, yesterday's post about how Christians treat the LGBTQ community has sure generated a lot of great, constructive discussion (a little here and a LOT on Facebook), which is exactly what I hoped it would do. The comments have provided me with some more thought-food to chew on, and I hope it has done the same for many of the people engaged in the conversation.

My First Music Video

It's been on my list for a while--start creating music videos to go with my songs, so I can get my "babies" on YouTube.

Well, this weekend being Easter, and with me seriously needing something "new and creative" to do, I decided it was the perfect opportunity to learn one of the software options I have (the easier to learn, by far - Cyberlink PowerDirector 10) and put together a video for "The Nails (I Did This For You)", the message of which is very appropriate for Easter.

It took a little longer than I thought (and my weekend ended up with a few more adventures than I planned. Hint: there was an emergency trip to town for a new refrigerator), but I got 'er done. Easter Sunday wasn't quite over when I got it posted to YouTube and sent out to various social media platforms, so Yay! And most importantly? This was a lot of fun.

I hope you enjoy it, too!

Remember, you can access the recording for this song here on my website (for listening only), or you can download it from iTunes, Google Play, or Loudr.

Happy Easter, friends!

I Heart Peter and Evynne!

Sometime within the last year, I stumbled onto the work of Peter Hollens and Evynne Hollens on YouTube, a husband and wife who have built independent careers (although they do sometimes work together) by creating high-quality a capella covers of great music, usually "geeky" or musical theatre stuff, and they often collaborate with other artists who are building their careers the same way.

Seeing the way that they have utilized the power of YouTube, networking, and social media in conjunction with their considerable talent to make a career doing something they love to do has been incredibly inspiring to me.

Here is a beautiful cover of "The Last Goodbye" from "The Hobbit" that Peter recently released.

And another of my favourites: "Baba Yetu" (The Civilization IV theme, of all things!) featuring Malukah. Just love this whole piece of music, and the arrangement is great. (Okay, this is the only arrangement of it I have heard. But I love it.)

I'll be sharing more of my favourite Peter and Evynne videos in the future.

Who is your favourite "YouTube artist"?

Happy Friday, friends!